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Laravel Concepts is Available

I'm thrilled to announce that my new book Laravel Concepts is finally available. It's a two-part collection of different ideas and concepts that recur on a daily basis in our job.

Part I covers the following concepts in 146 pages:

  • SOLID principles in Laravel with practical and easy-to-understand examples.
  • Building a dashboard with lots of numbers and sales-related data.
  • Handling discounts and coupons. It's a challenge that becomes a monster if done wrong.
  • Working with 3rd parties. Almost every application needs to integrate with external services. Let's do it right!
  • Custom fields. If your application has a lot of customization you can benefit a lot from this concept.

Part II covers these topics in 123 pages:

  • Advanced filters and sorters. A requirement that occurs often in business applications.
  • Boundaries in DDD and modular systems. If you're building a bigger-than-average system you'll probably benefit from these concepts.
  • Value objects everywhere. If you don't want to maintain huge associative arrays with random keys for the following years this chapter will help you, for sure.
  • Static analysis. It discusses three of my favorite tools that made my life much easier.
  • OS processes. Working directly with processes such as git.
  • Custom Query Builders. It's a less-known Laravel feature that helps you structure your code.

All of the above are presented with real use cases and real code. Each chapter comes with a mini project and downloadable source code.

Find out more about the books here.

Laravel Concepts