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Laravel 11 RouteServiceProvider

In Laravel 11, the RouteServiceProvider.php file is removed. So the question is how can we configure the routes?

Let's say we want to add API routes with a prefix of /api. In previous Laravel versions this was done in the RouteServiceProvider.php file:

public function boot()
  $this->routes(function () {

Now in Laravel 11, we need to use the bootstrap/app.php file again:

return Application::configure(basePath: dirname(__DIR__))
    web: __DIR__.'/../routes/web.php',
    api: __DIR__.'/../routes/api.php',
    commands: __DIR__.'/../routes/console.php',
    health: '/up',
    apiPrefix: '/api',

We can check if it works by running the php artisan route:list command:

Laravel 11

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