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11 Must-see Laravel videos

This blog post is a collection of amazing Laravel videos. I learned so much from these guys.


Test-Driven Laravel by Adam Wathan.

Refactoring / Clean code

Cruddy by design by Adam Wathan

Patterns that pay off by Matt Stauffer

Becoming a better developer by using the SOLID design principles by Katerina Trajchevska

Design patterns with Laravel by Colin Decarlo

Chasing perfect by Adam Wathan

Eloquent and database

Eloquent performance patterns by Jonathan Reinink

Expressive Eloquent Collections by Tim MacDonald

Things every developer absolutely, positively needs to know about database indexing by Kai Sassnowski

General Laravel

Working with 3rd party services in Laravel by Steve McDougall

Demystifying Dependency Injection Containers by Kai Sassnowski